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Howdy! 🤠 I'm Sarthak Mohanty.

I'm 15 and I love developing random things and making them look good.

Technically, I'm a Full Stack Web Developer 💻 and Designer ✏️. And I got some skills too:

*not in any particular order

Currently, I'm...

Attending Louis D. Brandeis High School

I'm a rising junior trying my hardest to not try. I'm also a honors student taking mostly AP classes. As a student on the STEM track, I focus my efforts on AP/DC Maths and Sciences.

Coleading the Bowl Clubs

The Bowl Clubs collectively include Science Bowl, Ocean Bowl, and Quiz Bowl. Starting my second year of high school (11th grade), I was responsible for teaching incoming freshman and updating them of team practices and college-level science and math information. I curated presentations and custom textbooks to help them understand complex topics such as Calculus at an easy-to-learn level and help them understand AP Science subjects from a Pre-AP Science level. This took approximately 20 hours a week but drastically helped out team.

Attending Northwest Vista College

As a Dual Credit Student, I'm taking many courses doubly to earn both AP credit and state credit for college.

Volunteering at Youth Code Jam as a Student Volunteer

I lead stations, workshops, and activities throughout the year during code jams around the greater San Antonio area. I have experience teaching STEM to K-12 and Higher Education.

A part of Hack Club

Just an active member in the community helping people when they need it. Soon to be Executive Director of Brandeis Hack Club.

Spreading education at The Resource Bank as Lead Developer and Subject Leader

I'm responsible for developing the websites and API's we use and also am a Subject Leader Tutor. We currently employ 23 tutors from my school to tutor students around the city and help students with projects and homework. We instill important pillars of character such as timeliness and proactiveness to help students with college and the future ahead of them.

Marketing and Designing

Currently working with a friend creating, a competitor to Quizlet and Anki with more modern student-centered features.

Working at Red Ink Review as a Design and Marketing Intern

I'm responsible for managing social media and creating beautiful and responsive front-end experiences for college applicants everywhere.

Creating the next-generation of Hackathons at Alamo City Hacks

Inclusively creating the next-generation of South Texas Hackathons.

Engineering the future of social media at Rapid App as a Design Engineer

I have 4 different positions here currently. As an essential part of both the front-end and back-end team, I'm responsible for creating the user-facing web app to bring communities together more efficiently. As a part of Marketing Operations, I make content and ads for the main landing page and adverts. And finally as a Design Engineer, I create User Interfaces that interact with wonderful user experiences to enhance the look and feel of the app. I also create brand guidelines and mockups for new features.

Some things I've done in the past...

Worked at Fiveable as a Social Media Manager and Research Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 • 4 mos

I mainly did graphic design and made marketing campaigns to promote to students. I also managed the main Instagram and the other Instagram and made posts to target students and teachers.

Projects I've worked on

My Website HTMLCSSJSNode.jsExpress.js

What you're looking at right now. Made using Node.js and Express.js with a backend for some secret-stuff. Also, I've had many versions of this website, but sadly only kept 1 on my file drive.

Find Me iCloud APIJSMapbox APINew

Find me! It gets my phone's location through the Find My iPhone iCloud API and sends it to the Mapbox API which displays my current location.

Task List Todoist APIJSJSON Array ManipulationNew

LOTS of array manipulation. It gets my task list with priority, due date, and other cool data and displays it in task list form. Also shows completed tasks for about 5 minutes after completion with a nice animation.

Resource Bank HTML CSSJSNode.jsExpressAWS

Extremely secured version of a membership website made for selling resources at my school. Made mainly with Node, Express, and AWS.

og-image Generator HTML CSSJSTypescriptBroken

OpenGraph Card Generator adapted to fit my website.

Kahoot Hack Bot PythonBroken

A bot to automagically answer Kahoot questions. Grabs the set id from local storage and matches answers and questions. Deprecated because Kahoot doesn't send the set id anymore.

Quizlet Hack Chrome Extension JSBroken

A bot to automagically answer Quizlet Live questions. Grabs the set id from the url or local storage and matches terms using the Quizlet API. Since it is now deprecated, the extension doesn't work.

Science Bowl Timer and Scorekeeper HTML CSSJS

Made so teachers and club leaders could easily track score and track time in a practice match without a hassle. This can be used in an actual match however.

Salamandarian JS

Salamandarian was made and used to do a poorly-executed Biology lab. We were supposed to go to and roll dice and do math and count numbers, but that's hard. Just put this script into your browser and repeat for however many times you need it! This is teacher-ception.

Brand Colors Graphic DesignBrand Design

Brand Guidelines for Sarthak Mohanty and Sarthak Mohanty, Inc. Graphic DesignVisual Design

I designed social media posts and stream thumbnails.

Standard-Structure/Standard-Structure Gatsby

A (updated) repo of templates for many different languages and technologies. I added the Gatsby.js technology template.

renesansz/discord-greeter-bot Discord.js

A discord bot that responds pong when you say ping. Used to teach discord.js to students.

UndercoverGoose/quizlet JS

Quizlet, Kahoot, and Gimkit hacks (yay!). Let's hope my teacher's don't stumble down here.

Places where I'm mentioned:

San Antonio charter school team is National Science Bowl bound 2019

San Antonio Middle School Regional Winner

Things I'm unusually good at:


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